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When you need to get the paddle on the ball quickly use one of these light weights.
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Spike's Lite Paddle Slammer Composite Paddle Stryker Composite Paddle Magnum Composite Paddle
Price $47.99

Price $51.99

Price $53.99

Price $59.99

Spike's Lite Pickleball Paddle Slammer pickleball paddle Stryker Pickleball Paddle Magnum Composite Pickleball Paddle
Spike's Lite Paddle is a great paddle at a great price. High quality materials and workmanship but no fancy frills. That's the way Spike likes it.

   Weight Class: Lightweight
Slammer paddles are perfect for the beginner. Light weight with a long handle, comes in a variety of bright fun colors. Kids love the Slammer!

Weight Class: Lightweight

Stryker Composite paddles are very similar to the Slammer Composite, but have a longer paddle face. It is just a few dollars more than a Slammer but provides a larger sweet spot.

   Weight Class: Lightweight
Magnum composite from Pro-Lite features a fiberglass face and 4 1/8" grip.

   Weight Class: Light/Middleweight
Slammer Graphite Paddle Stryker Graphite Paddle Enforcer Graphite Paddle Magnum Graphite Stealth Paddle - Original
Price $61.99

Price $64.99

Price $67.99

Price $69.99

Graphite Slammer Paddle Stryker Graphite Pickleball Paddle Enforcer Pickleball Paddle Magnum Graphite Stealth - Original Pickleball Paddle
Used by players of all skill levels but because of the great price and smaller grip, this paddle is one of our favorite to recommend for young people.

Weight Class: Lightweight
The Stryker Graphite is a lightweight paddle favored with a slightly longer paddle face that it's sister paddle, the Slammer Graphite.

   Weight Class: Lightweight
Enforcer paddles have a unique tear-drop shape with an extra long handle that is great for whipping shots over the net.

   Weight Class: Lightweight
Magnum Graphite Stealth Original is a classic. It's traditional paddle face, 4 1/8 inch circumference grip and slightly longer handle make it perfect for many people.

   Weight Class: Light/Middleweight
Magnum Graphite Stealth Paddle - Burst Impact Graphite Paddle Zen Graphite Paddle
Price $69.99

Price $79.99

Price $99.99

Magnum Graphite Stealth Pickleball Paddle Impact Pickleball Paddle Graphite Zen Pickleball Paddle
The Magnum Graphite Stealth Burst is exactly like it's sister paddle Magnum Graphite Stealth Original except the Burst has more colorful graphics. Magnums are classic pickleball paddles that people love.

   Weight Class: Light/Middleweight
Pro-Lite Sports lightweight paddle, a hybrid of the Magnum Graphite Stealth and Enforcer. Has longest reach of all Pro-Lite paddles. Superior accuracy and balance.

   Weight Class: Light/Middleweight
The Graphite Zen paddle features an aluminum core. It's a great touch paddle with lots of power!

   Weight Class: Light/Middleweight

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